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Wish your Zendesk Fields were smarter?

Bring intelligence to your Zendesk fields by bridging the functionality gaps in Zendesk Form Conditions, to achieve an exceptional agent and customer experience.

Create rules that adapt to the user's context and only show the fields and option values that are relevant to them.

Good Company

Rules Engine Powered

Efficient, Guided, and Relevant

Adapt forms dynamically to their context to make them more relevant, less ambiguous, and quicker to complete

Guide field selections using a rules engine to streamline and speed up workflow processes
Eliminate illogical field and field option value combinations to ensure data accuracy and clarity.
Enforce granular controlled mandatory fields to improve ticket handling performance

Simplify Zendesk configuration to increase scope, agility, and business efficiency

Improve aggregated data management to solve reporting challenges and make more informed business decisions
Implement field rules in Tickets, Organizations, and User locations to cover more needs

Minimize agent onboarding time to reduce costs and avoid negative impacts

Conditionality Configuration


Complex conditional fields

Define complex display rules using all the Zendesk native field types and auxiliary Cloudset concepts.


Forms with multiple fields combinations


Infinite levels of cascading conditional field display


Custom and system driving fields


Organization and user fields to support need-to-know


AND/OR driving field control logic rules


Simulator test tool before release


Analysis tool to see which rule is controlling visability


Dependant value fields

Get really smart by sub-setting drop-down fields to only show relevant field option values for specific contexts.


Control which field option values to show


Only one super-set field required


Avoid illogical data combinations

Dependant Value Fields
User Conditionality


People fields

For either de-cluttering the interface or applying more sensitive need-to-know information.


User and organization fields


Forms and further cascading levels


Drive from custom fields


Drive from agent group memberships or enterprise roles


AND/OR driving field control logic rules


Mandatory fields

Ensure data quality by enforcing the setting of fields if they are exposed by conditional field control.


Mandatory on create, update, or solve


Only applies if the field is exposed


Applies globally to field


Use in place of native agent required field


UX the same as native required fields

Formset Mandatory


Living with Formset™

Not only delivering the user experience in a seamless way, but also supporting administration set-up and change management


Simulator Testing

Check conditional rules in agent and customer interfaces before you make them live.



Trace back from the field perspective to see which rules are controlling visibility.



Runs in the background, you'd not be able to tell it wasn't a native capability


Worth knowing

Ikey Juster

Customer Service Infrastructure Manager

In my opinion, Cloudset's Formset adds abilities that all CRMs\service applications must-have. We now have comprehensive rule sets that address the lack of Zendesk’s ability to make dependencies between fields all of which drive our Customer Service business.


It’s a system that we rely on to maintain and improve our customer satisfaction levels globally.

Tore Soreheim

Application Manager

Formset conditionality feels particularly useful given the context of my company using Zendesk in a number of fairly different work-flows.


In our complex environment, it’s hard with the native set up to stay in control of the implication of changes (and new functionality) but the Cloudset-package makes this not only possible but in most cases easy to handle.


I would highlight the ability to manage field-selection-dependencies as the standout functionality, alongside the truly practical “hide” feature. Also worth mentioning is the great strength that you are not limited by a fixed starting point, but can customize the setup with more or less any “qualifier” as the base of a ruleset/logic/flow.

Nick Scotto

Technical Lead

Formset conditionality has helped our organization and our 3rd party helpdesk always ensure that the correct ticket field values are presented for selection at the appropriate time.


The condition-based logic in Cloudset is much more robust than what Zendesk offers, and our data/reporting is much more accurate because of this.

Shane O'Sullivan

Managing Director

We have been using Cloudset Formset for a number of years now and couldn't go without it. Out of the box, Zendesk is simply not customisable enough for our needs.


CloudSet is a collection of all the features you wished Zendesk had: nested views & condition-based field visibility and has allowed us to supercharge our Zendesk instance into a powerful CRM system with a streamlined agent UI that only shows what is needed.

Kevin Lawrence

Customer Liaison Manager

I recently took over managing our Zendesk help center. We have been using Formset for a long time and it was so transparent I didn't know all that it was doing. We added a new group to our Zendesk system and found that some of the required fields were not available so tickets could be closed. I turned off Conditionality so all fields would appear and was contacted by support the next morning asking if everything was okay. I was astounded by the proactiveness of Cloudset. I explained the situation and was promptly directed to what changes were needed to have the fields and conditions set for the new group.


I'm very impressed with the support and proactiveness of Cloudset and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make forms simpler for Agents and customers alike.

Louis Borocki

Change Management Coordinator

We selected Formset from Cloudset to run in our Zendesk to better manage the content presented to our Agents. We found by using Formset we were able to quickly amend the forms used by our Agents to accurately reflect the agent's working practices and only present fields that were necessary to gather the data we are required to.


This saves us considerable time when onboarding staff and ensures data accuracy.


An additional benefit is that conditionality is much more configurable than the native Zendesk conditional fields.

Bruna Fernandes

Quality Analyst

When we implemented Zendesk as our new help center, Cloudset brought us structure, agility, and freedom when eventual modifications are needed. Furthermore, the support has always been very punctual and effective.


We are very pleased with Cloudset's quality and expertise.



Lies at the heart of the Cloudset Framework


Across Cloudset Apps

Global changes with Systemset™ are reflected in the configuration interface, including the ability to take advantage of the Cloudset Roles Engine™



Operates on both the Zendesk support agent interface and the Zendesk Guide end-user submit form.


Third-party Applications

Just like Zendesk's native Widget, you can include the Cloudset Widget on your own web property.

Implement your Use Cases

Complex Ticket Classification Hierarchies

Location Specific Services

Need to Know Data Masking




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