Experienced agents understand the importance of following a step-by-step process to assist customers, but they also know it can be challenging in practice. The key is to have the right tools and systems for consistent ticket management. Without them, customers may have inconsistent experiences, and receive incorrect information, or misguided advice.

If you relate to this issue or feel pressure to improve results, it's time to guide your agents through ticket resolution. This leads to faster onboarding, scalable operations, reduced stress, and increased agent productivity and satisfaction. Streamline ticket management and boost your agents' success now.

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Why guided?

Guidance offers a systematic and methodical strategy for managing support tickets. This approach emphasizes processing tickets through a linear, sequential series of steps, ensuring both accuracy and consistency in ticket handling.

Consider each step as an action representing a stage in the ticket's lifecycle. These actions are centred on specific tasks, rather than merely outlining the ticket's status. To guarantee thorough diagnosis and resolution, every action should be completed before advancing to the subsequent step.


Achieve Organizational Efficiency

By establishing and systematizing your workflow processes, you can optimize ticket management and prevent any issues from being overlooked. Each activity fulfils a particular function and contributes to a well-coordinated support or business process. This method enhances the overall efficiency, elevates customer satisfaction, and ultimately propels business success by concentrating on three essential pillars:

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Guided Workflows

Designed to be interactive, providing agents with prompts, instructions, and visual cues to guide them through the process

Data Quality

Clear, accurate, reliable, and complete data, collected the at the right time.

Performance Management

Measuring and optimizing teams performance on a single ticket, to avoid the unnecessary complication of multiple tickets for measurement only drivers.


Cloudset Apps

Cloudset Apps are designed to provide standalone value, even more when combined together

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Advanced Field Conditionality

Provides the means to declutter and ensure data quality

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Advanced Workflow Management

Provides the workflow engine that captures and plays out the actions to resolve tickets

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Advanced SLA/OLA Management

Provides the means to set targets and measure performance

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Intercept Music

Using Flowset Workflows to drive efficiency

Intercept Music an innovative, modern music distributor based in Los Angeles, was faced with various challenges in managing their onboarding, sales, marketing, distribution, and release processes efficiently. 


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