Subscription based, aligned to the number of agents in your Zendesk®


Cloudset Component Apps

Standalone or even more powerful when combined together.




per agent/per month monthly rolling

  • Conditional forms and fields
  • Dependent value fields
  • User & Organization fields
  • Embeddable web widget




per agent/per month monthly rolling

  • Complex workflow processes
  • Workflow assistant
  • Workflow conditions and actions
  • Workflow permissions
  • Workflow macros




per agent/per month monthly rolling

  • Custom system fields
  • Globally hide fields
  • Custom Roles Engine™
  • End-user views
  • Custom field change detector



Standalone or even more powerful when combined together.




per Agent/ per Month



/ Starts at

  • Multiple SLA metric types
  • Configurable metrics satisfaction's & Stop-th-clock pausing
  • Multiple timezone schedules
  • Business hours measurement
  • Custom priorities
  • Next day metric calculation option
  • SLA Assistant
  • SLA Dashboard with dynamic filtering
  • Reporting metrics generation


Asked Questions

Why do I need a credit card for Zendesk App Marketplace purchasable apps?

The Zendesk App Marketplace only supports credit card purchases and mandates a policy to validate and capture credit card details at the start of a trial.

However, if your organization has corporate policies that prevent this, please get in touch with support@cloudset.net, as we have a workaround that can help overcome this restriction.

What does per agent/per month mean?

We follow exactly the same pricing model as Zendesk which is priced on the basis of how many active full agents you in Zendesk Light Agents are not counted.

The price shown is multiplied by the number of active agents you have on a daily basis or monthly basis.  This can be further controlled by using Admin and Group restrictions, although most Cloudset Apps are orientated, by nature, to universal use by all agents.

What commitment do I need to make?

In the case of Cloudset Component Apps, the commitment is monthly rolling in advance. 

Uninstall the app at anytime to automatically prevent the next monthly charge. Formal notice is not required.

For Cloudset Performset, the commitment is annual rolling in advance. Formal notice is required, up to one business day before automatic renewal.

For Zendesk App Marketplace purchases, can I be invoiced instead of payment by credit card?

Yes - it may be possible.

Zendesk's App Marketplace is tightly integrated with our third-party payment provider Stripe, to the extent that monthly charges are calculated on daily changes in regard to your active agent count. This makes for a very efficient administration and maximizes your cost optimization.

Using a workaround method, due to unofficial Zendesk App Marketplace support, we can arrange an invoicing facility for your organization on the following basis:

  • A corporate policy that prevents the provision of company credit cards as a payment method
  • Move to an annual commitment, invoiced in advance
  • Annual renewals subject to true-up back payment on agent quantity increases. The highest number for each month is counted.
  • The annual spend is over $2,000.00

The administration overheads for both parties is much higher than the automatic monthly credit card method that the Zendesk App Marketplace is designed to support. As such, we still recommend the Zendesk App Marketplace monthly credit card payment method as being the most cost-effective for us both.


What is onboarding and why do I need it?

Onboarding for Cloudset Perfomset is mandatory due to the amount of direct involvement we take to ensure successful implementation.

SLA | OLA Management can be an in-depth subject area, typical customers come to us where the capabilities of Zendesk's native SLA Management are not sufficient to meet their needs.

We also provide best practice advice on SLA |OLA Management policies and how they can be integrated into your ticket management process.

The onboarding fee includes consultation on the SLA | OLA Management specification, direct set-up by our consultants, handover and testing support, and bedding in period.

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