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Are you able to keep all your promises?

Resolve limited and absent SLA and OLA capabilities to meet all your contractual and internal standards of operation

Replace with a more flexible proactive SLA Engine, contextual Agent SLA Assistant, and dynamic SLA Management Dashboard

Good Company


Guided, Informed, and Customer Focused

Proactively guide Agents to be aware and action key performance metrics

Guide agents with a full context SLA Assistant to ensure awareness and focus on meeting SLA targets  

Gain insight with a holistic, dynamically driven SLA Management Dashboard to make more informed decisions

Receive real-time pre-breach and breach alert notices to proactively prevent or mitigate impacts of failure and maintain customer satisfaction

Enhance your Zendesk platform to be more productive, accountable, and avoid penalties

Solve implementing complex SLA policies to avoid contractual financial penalties and reputational damage  

Adopt an intelligent portfolio approach to SLA Management to get more value out of your SLA & OLA data

Gain flexible and co-ordinated business level configuration to scale and future your business


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Complex Policies


Complex SLA policies

Step outside of fitting in with limited and fixed SLA models and implement your SLA's and OLA's exactly as you need for your business.


Standard and custom SLA metrics


Multiple work time schedules


Flexible triggering and satisfaction rules


Arbitrary starts and stops


Flexible metrics clock pausing and solve continuation


Fuzzy end-of-next-day metrics


SLA Assistant

Establishes targets and reports ongoing results to provide a context for the tickets performance.


SLA policy & schedule visibility


Remaining clock hours & localized time/dates


Outcomes pass/fail


Pause indicator with remaining time


Amber pre-warnings


Cyclical metric counts

Performset SLA Assistant-2
Performset Dashboard


Real-time dashboards

See the biggest picture or just the right segmentation to make next-up or informed decisions.


Records listings or per event cards display


Multi-column SLA metrics layout


Configurable views


Dynamic filtering and counts


Real-time notifications

Pre-breach and breach notifications down to a granularity of one minute. Never miss an opportunity to prevent a breach or failure without system delay.


Emailed from Cloudset - no Zendesk triggers required


More precision on message targeting


Covers pre and breach notifications


Can still be used to externally notify e.g. Slack

Performset Notifications
Performset Reports


In-built reporting and reporting data

Transitioning the operational reporting to include recent results to help find areas of excellence and areas that require improvement.


Predefined best practice reporting perspectives


Operational focuses on completing tickets


Pass/fail & fulfilment dimensions


Configure report queries


Dynamic filtering with counts


Living with Performset

Not only delivering the user experience in a seamless way, but also supporting administration set-up and change management



We have no hard fixed model. Define the metrics you need, how they start, how they stop, and if appropriate, how they are paused.



Surface all your SLA data to provide the context at the individual ticket and aggregated levels to make informed decisions.



Define what data is to be included in the SLA Dashboard and who has access to that data, either from a security perspective or to declutter.


Worth knowing

Justin Federico

Director, Global Support and Services

Kemp Support uses Cloudset’s Perfomset, Formset, and Systemset apps within Zendesk. Their apps have allowed us to get the most out of our Zendesk implementation. Where other apps have fallen short of the features that we require, Cloudset has been there to fill that gap. Not only do they have solid products, but they also have solid support. They have gone out of their way to make sure that we understand their product’s features and ensure that we have the knowledge to be self-serving.


Rarely do we have issues but Cloudset has always been very responsive to our support requests, no matter how trivial.


Confidence is big and Cloudset gives our Zendesk admins the confidence to focus on our engineers and our customers.

Kristin Bouveng

Client Services Manager

We are using Cloudset’s Performset, Formset, and Systemset tools within Zendesk. These products have helped us customise Zendesk to match our business needs, and as such have been able to use Zendesk in a way that suits us better than the 'out of the box' functionalities that Zendesk offers.


Performset allows us to keep our commitments to our internal and external customers whilst Formset Conditionality and Systemset allow us to mask complexity from our agents ensuring our data is accurate and clean thereby reducing unnecessary cost.

Bryan Steedman

Senior Operations Manager (UK)

We had a business problem, that as we grew as a company to multiple countries in the world, we found ourselves with multiple different SLA’s for our customers over multiple time zones.


Performset allowed us to granularly manage the SLA’s down to a client and region setting giving us insights into managing the customers SLA’s with real-time monitoring and alerting.


This also allowed us to accurately report on SLA activity for each of our clients.

Trond Drageland

Support Manager

The Performset tools have been instrumental for us in overcoming the challenges of tailoring SLAs to suit departments and customers working in several different regions and time zones around the world.


They greatly improve upon the built-in capabilities of the vanilla Zendesk experience and allow for greater flexibility when customizing an SLA to match your client's needs.


The on-boarding process was made smooth and efficient by an experienced and friendly Coherence Design team.

Matt Mintman


Cloudset was recommended to our business by another software provider at a Zendesk expo. The Cloudset team was exceptional from the sales process, implementation, and post-go-live support. The team understood our business, our challenges, and helped us make the best practice decisions during the implementation.

After install the Cloudset solution allowed us to report back on a client by client basis no matter the location in the world. With a click of a button, all reports are generated using the metrics from the application. This took a massive admin burden away from the team.

The tool has also provided operational improvements by ensuring we do not miss our SLAs due to the alerting mechanisms in place. Since installing the solution our target response and resolutions times are >99%.



Lies at the heart of the Cloudset Framework


Across Cloudset Apps

Integrates with Flowset to pick-up changes in the workflow progression that drives the production of SLA metrics. 



Access dashboards from within the Zendesk experience.


Third-party Applications

All reporting data is persistently stored on the ticket and hence available across a wide range of reporting platforms. 

Implement your Use Cases

Tiered SLA’s plus Customer Specific SLA

Organizational Level Agreements (OLA)

Combined SLA & OLA

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