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to Zendesk to increase the Efficiency, Speed, and Consistency of ticket resolutions by fully engaging your Human Talent

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We believe that the most effective way to address customer service challenges is to focus on the human and process aspects of ticketing and to design systems that support these efforts

  • We simplify executing workflows in a way that is engaging for agents that translates to better customer experiences
  • We improve processes to ensure data is correct to its context and that targets are set, act as guides, and get measured
  • We make it easier to design and maintain the configuration of a Zendesk solution
  • You ultimately gain more value and operational efficiencies from your Zendesk platform investment
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Our products

We develop process driven apps and web services that enable you to unleash the power of Zendesk and solve complex customer service challenges.



Keeping your promises with sophisticated SLA/OLA metrics and measurements.

Guide and control


Design and embed processes that guide agents through sophisticated workflows using Cloudset's unique Visible Workflow™ approach.


contextually shape


Ask the right questions, capture the right data. Conditionally display fields or sets of field values to end-users and agents.

Opinions worth knowing

We are committed Zendesk users and while the Zendesk platform offers us a great solution, there were gaps identified by our business needs. To address these areas, we learned about Cloudset through Zendesk and installed Conditionality in both our live and sandbox instances. In a relatively short time, we began using Cloudset's Formset and the app has become foundational to our organization's use of Zendesk. With its features, we're able to create a streamlined experience for our agents and capture the high-quality data we need to improve our business.

Dan Blum | Director of Customer Support Analytics | Donors Choose

We are using Cloudset’s Performset, Formset, and Systemset apps for Zendesk. These products have helped us customize Zendesk to match our business needs, and as such have been able to use Zendesk in a way that suits us better than the 'out of the box' functionalities that Zendesk offers. Performset enables SLA Management that allows us to keep our commitments to our internal and external customers, whilst Formset's conditionality and Systemset allow us to mask complexity from our agents ensuring our data is accurate and clean thereby reducing unnecessary cost.

Kristin Bouveng | Client Services Manager | Partnerize

The Cloudset's Performset has been instrumental for us in overcoming the challenges of tailoring SLAs to suit departments and customers working in several different regions and time zones around the world. They greatly improve upon the built-in capabilities of the vanilla Zendesk experience and allow for greater flexibility when customizing an SLA to match your client's needs. The on-boarding process was made smooth and efficient by an experienced and friendly Cloudset team.

Trond Drageland | Support Manager | Unique Digital Networks

We have been using Cloudset Formset for a number of years now and couldn't go without it. Out of the box, Zendesk is simply not customizable enough for our needs. Cloudset is a collection of all the features you wished Zendesk had: nested views & condition-based field visibility and has allowed us to supercharge our Zendesk instance into a powerful CRM system with a streamlined agent UI that only shows what is needed.

Shane O'Sullivan | Managing Director | Healthwave

We had a business problem, that as we grew as a company to multiple countries in the world, we found ourselves with multiple different SLA’s for our customers over multiple time zones. Cloudest Performset allowed us to granularly manage the SLA’s down to a client and region setting giving us insights into managing the customers SLA’s with real-time monitoring and alerting. This also allowed us to accurately report on SLA activity for each of our clients.

Bryan Steedman | Senior Operations Manager (UK) | Eagle EyeSolutions

I recently took over managing our Zendesk Help Center. We have been using Formset for a long time and it was so transparent I didn't know all that it was doing. We added a new group to our Zendesk system and found that some of the required fields were not available so tickets could be closed. I turned off Formset so all fields would appear and was contacted by Cloudset Support the next morning asking if everything was okay. I was astounded by the proactiveness of Cloudset. I explained the situation and was promptly directed to what changes were needed to have the fields and conditions set for the new group. I'm very impressed with the support and proactiveness of Cloudset and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make forms simpler for Agents and customers alike.

Kevin Lawrence | Customer Liaison Manager |

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